In Ants Bazaar, Trio RGB and four composers get together on an equal footing to collaborate on improvisatory-compositional concepts in a self organized manner. Professional work and an unconventional method of production meet in a network composition:

Periodical meetings with continuous musical work replace the institutional and hierarchical structures common in the contemporary music business. The project is based on a constant exchange of ideas and discussion between all participants. It is thus not determined by fixed rehearsal schedules, but rather by an ongoing process of development covering a longer period of time, with room for experiment and excursion.

Ants bazaar will consist of four versatile works connected to each other and with an overall duration of sixty to ninety minutes. They can be performed in a concert setting as well as in off locations. The premiere performance is planned for the fall of 2009.

A project of Trio RGB

Sophie Engel-Bansac, Viola (Berlin)
Matthias Lorenz, Violoncello (Dresden)
John Eckhardt, Double Bass (Hamburg)

and composers

Matthias Kaul (Winsen)
Martin Schüttler (Kassel)
Sascha Lino Lemke (Hamburg)
Benjamin Schweitzer (Berlin)